Patterns - Custom Registers and Grilles

Apply these patterns to any of our custom products.

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Ultimate Custom

Do you have a special/custom pattern in mind? Pacific Register is ready to work with you!

Register and Grille Patterns

Patterns for Decorative Screen Panels

  • Array

  • Art Attack

  • Aston

  • Backyard

  • Bali Scatter

  • Bamboo Dragonfly

  • Basket Weave

  • Basket

  • Beach Breeze

  • Beginning

  • Botanical

  • Brickworks

  • Bubbles

  • By The Lake

  • Carnivale

  • Cathedral

  • Chicane

  • Crazy Pave

  • Crescent Moon

  • Dash3

  • Daydream

  • Direction

  • Dracena Marinata

  • Dubai

  • Fidget

  • Floating Leaves

  • Floret

  • Flow

  • Flower Power

  • Foliage Screening

  • Forest

  • Friday Night Lights

  • Gameplay

  • Growth

  • Herringbone

  • Hexad

  • Inception

  • Kaleidoscope

  • Lines In The Sand

  • London

  • Maze

  • Motion

  • Over The Hill

  • Paddington

  • Park Bench

  • Petals

  • Ridge

  • Scattered Leaves

  • Shell 2

  • Silky Oak

  • Spanish Renaissance

  • Structured

  • Summer Sun

  • Tranzist

  • Tropics

  • Unite

  • Vines

Custom Registers & Grilles Patterns

Designed to stand out, our wall and floor vent covers come in a multitude of custom registers and grilles patterns. Don’t settle for mass-produced, utilitarian styled vents you’d most likely be able to find in any building with an HVAC system. From geometric to organic floral patterns, our artistically designed vents will open the interior design possibilities for every room in your home with a vent. With many options to choose from, your vision of elegance and refined detail can be found within our vast inventory of vent registers and grilles patterns.

Crafted to perfection, our vent cover patterns and designs highlight the understated design elements of your wall, floor, and ceiling vents. Don’t let overlooked details define your home’s overall aesthetic. Utilizing a variety of methods to craft our vent patterns, including laser-cutting, we can help you add a custom touch to your home’s ventilation system.