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Laser Cut Metal Vent Covers

Laser Cut Aluminum Vent Covers

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Laser Cut Metal Vent Covers

Laser Cut Steel Floor Registers

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from $18.50

Filter Grilles

Filter Grilles

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Directional Louvers

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Decorative Wall Grilles & Ceiling Registers from Pacific Register Company

The smallest details can make the biggest difference

Adorn a rather simple and ordinary spot in your home with something spectacular. Dull and unseen, most vent covers often sacrifice style and design in favor of functionality. Utilized to restrict or re-direct airflow throughout your home, air vents often go unnoticed, making them missed opportunities for homeowners to add charm and decorative appeal to any room. Don’t skip the finer details—order from our extensive inventory of fully customizable decorative register and vent covers made out of aluminum, metal, wood, plaster, resin, and stone. Matching vent grilles to your specific style has never been easier; use our selection of vents to accent any them. If you have found yourself unimpressed or otherwise indifferent to the vents currently in your home, it’s time to consider exactly what this commonly overlooked detail can add to the overall style and décor you are seeking to achieve.



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  • Affordable. Made in the USA.

    made in usa

    Our state-of-the-art facility manufactures antique registers, decorative registers, heat vent covers and other architectural products that are of superior quality at the most competitive and affordable price. Made right here in the USA.

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  • Quality from Experience.

    Pacific Register Co., Inc. is a family-owned business with four generations of manufacturing experience and two generations of knowledge and experience in the HVAC trade. We provide one-on-one customer service and quick delivery of our decorative register and vent covers.

    Great Grandfather, Carl M. Kohnmann center, 30 years foundryman
  • Testimonials / Customer Reviews

    “If you walk through old homes — you see a lot of the craftsmanship that went into hardware and design. People say “you can’t find stuff like this anymore” — Not So! Your registers are beautifully made and carefully finished. People call these registers, accents sometimes, but the home will look much nicer once they are added. Thank you and please share our thanks. You all make something wonderful.”

    – Curtis & Fam, September, 2020