Laser Cut Steel Floor Registers


These heavy-duty laser cut steel registers are the best choice for floor applications. Floor registers have the durability to last for many generations, unlike many thin-gauge imports on the market. Steel thickness is 3/16″ unless otherwise noted. Overall length and width will be 2-1/8″ greater than the duct opening size unless otherwise noted.

All of our floor registers come with a 1/2″ deep flange welded to the back of the register to keep it from sliding off the opening in the floor and also for damper attachment. If you have a thick carpet and pad, we can weld a taller flange on the back.

For some of the larger return air sizes we use a 1/4″ thick steel. On the largest sizes we cut from a 3/8″ thick steel and machine the back border so that it only sits 3/16″ off of the floor.

Laser cut floor registers are made to order and may take approximately 4 weeks to manufacture.