Laser Cut Aluminum Vent Covers


These 3/16”-thick aluminum vent covers are best used as ceilings vent covers and wall vent covers. Aluminum grilles can function as either a supply air grille or a return air grille.

The 3/16” thickness is strong yet lightweight (only 1.4 pounds for a 14″x6″). Most sizes require only 2 screws. Overall product dimensions will be 2-1/8″ greater than the duct opening size unless otherwise noted.

Aluminum vs Steel: Steel registers are 3 times as heavy as aluminum and are recommended for floor applications. In our opinion, steel is not a good choice for ceilings or walls as it usually requires 4 screws, complicated by the placement of screw holes on corners where typically there is no wood backing for screws to go into.

These registers will not have a mounting flange on the back like our cast aluminum products. Please contact us for a quote if you require this option, or if you need other special features such as a custom pattern/size, beveled edges, etc.

Laser cut registers are made to order and may take approximately 4 weeks to manufacture.