How to Measure a Vent Cover

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Measure a Vent Cover Step-By-Step

  1. Remove Existing Cover

    Remove the existing vent cover from the floor, ceiling or wall. If there is a layer of paint or caulk around the grille, scoring this with a utility knife will prevent paint from peeling when the existing grille is removed.

  2. Measure the Duct Opening

    Measure the size of the duct opening. Measure first by length in inches, then by height in inches. This is the measurement you will use to choose a new vent cover.

    measuring the duct opening for a vent cover

  3. Select Your New Vent Cover

    Using the measurements of the duct opening, choose the size of your new vent cover.
    Select your new vent cover
    Note that the total, or outer dimension, will be approximately 2” larger so that it covers the duct opening. For example, a duct opening that measures 10” x 6” will use a vent cover that is 12.125” x 8.125”.

Additional Info to Correctly Measure Your Vent Cover

If you can’t find correct measurements for your duct opening for our size selection please contact us to assist you. We manufacture all our vent covers in custom sizes and patterns to create the exact vent cover you need.

Often the vent openings are +/- 1/2″ from the standard sizes that we have listed, but usually the standard sizes should be suitable for these.  If the duct opening is on the smaller side, the duct can be opened slightly by cutting back a small amount of drywall and tapping the opening open.   For example, a duct opening measuring 10.5” x 5.75” should work with a standard 10” x 6” vent cover.

We offer a wide selection of registers and grilles to match the style and decor of your home. Visit our different vent cover offerings to find the style and design that’s perfect for you.

Cast Aluminum: Cast aluminum vent covers are lightweight and durable. Perfectly suited for floor, wall or ceiling applications. Beautifully cast in 3 designs and the perfect small enhancement to any home.

Laser Cut Aluminum: Lightweight and durable, but not meant to bear weight. These vent covers are best suited for the wall and ceiling.  With multiple patterns and finishes there are endless possibilities available with our custom metal vent covers, your home’s vent covers are sure to stand the test of time.

Laser Cut Steel: Heavy-duty and designed to bear weight, laser cut steel registers are the best choice for floor applications. Your home’s vent covers are sure to stand the test of time with these steel vent covers. Like our aluminum registers, these are offered in a wide variety of patterns and finishes.

Wood Registers:  Turning the finest wood into beautiful vent covers, our custom wood vent covers are designed to match the elegant interior of your home. Organic wood is long-lasting and unique to fit perfectly with any interior design. Suitable for floor, wall and ceiling applications.

For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.