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Nothing quite compares to the strength and durability of metal. Our custom metal vent covers can withstand years of use and the demand put on household air vents for heating and cooling applications during the changing of seasons. Crafted from metal that is both sturdy and reliable, our custom metal vents not only maintain their shape but also maintain the quality of their surface coatings and finishes. We construct our custom metal wall and floor vents with the longevity of your ventilation system in mind. And with the endless possibilities of designs and finishes available with our custom metal vent covers, your home’s vent covers are sure to stand the test of time.

Laser Cut Metal Vent Covers

Laser Cut Aluminum Vent Covers

from $23.00

Laser Cut Metal Vent Covers

Laser Cut Steel Floor Registers

from $22.50

Laser Cut Metal Vent Covers

Custom Brass Registers